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The amenities are provided to please the Homeowners. Site Authority is proud of what it offers and has designed regulations to keep all facilities safe and available for use by the Homeowner, or the Homeowner’s guests, or other persons under the Homeowner’s control. Please exercise care when enjoying the facilities, as Site Authority is not responsible for physical injuries that result from the use of the facilities.

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Pool and Spa

  1. All occupants MUST have swimsuits.
  2. Absolutely NO diapers allowed with the exception of “swim diapers”.
  3. All children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult when in the pool area, this includes visiting children. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. No pets are allowed in the pool or spa areas.
  5. No children under the age of 14 shall be allowed in the spa or spa area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. No glass or glass objects will be allowed inside the pool area.
  7. No food or alcohol is allowed in the pool or spa areas. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. No pins, clips, barrettes, curlers, ribbons, etc. are to be worn in the hair while swimming.
  9. Homeowners and their guests are required to be properly attired at all times, going to and from or around the pool area. No one with cutoffs is allowed in the pool or spa. Thong bathing suits are prohibited.
  10. No toys or air mattresses are allowed in or around the pool or spa areas.
  11. Running and jumping, “horseplay,” fighting, boisterous or dangerous conduct and/or any noisy behavior disturbing to the other Homeowners is forbidden in or around the pool area.
  12. No radios, record players, or other musical instruments may be used in or around the pool area. Personal sound devices with headphones are permitted.
  13. Safety equipment is not to be used except in case of emergency.
  14. Suntan lotion may be used sparingly. Oil of any kind is not permitted, as it will clog the filters in the pool and spa.
  15. No person under the influence of alcoholic beverages is permitted in or around the pool or spa area.
  16. When the pool is being cleaned, all persons must leave the area at that time. Cleaning will generally be done in the morning.
  17. NO LIFEGUARD WILL BE ON DUTY: Persons using pool facilities do so at their own risk. Management assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries. Management is not responsible for articles lost, damaged, or stolen.
  19. From time to time the pool or spa areas may be closed for maintenance reasons.

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Common Areas

  1. Insurance coverage maintained by Site Authority does not protect Homeowners from loss of personal property, including but not limited to vehicles, by theft, fire, water damage, etc. Each Homeowner is advised to obtain a policy of the Homeowner’s Insurance protecting his or her household goods and personal property.
  2. The speed limit is 25 mph on CSUCI roads, unless otherwise posted.
  3. Unsightly vehicles (such as cars with flats, broken windows, etc.) will not be permitted in or around the Project. Any recreational vehicles, boats, and vehicles without a current registration will not be permitted in or around the Project and will be towed (with adequate notice) at the Homeowner’s expense. Recreational vehicles must be stored/parked in designated recreational vehicle storage areas in the Project, if any, and if none, they shall be stored off the Project property. Vehicles with registration that has expired more than one year will also be towed (with adequate notice). No major repairs to the Homeowner’s vehicles are permitted on the property. Minor vehicle adjustments may be accomplished provided work areas are kept clean at all times. Fluids that are environmentally unfriendly are not to be changed in the Project. These fluids include but are not limited to oil, differential oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and anti-freeze. Site Authority currently maintains no facility for the disposal of these items. Homeowners are also responsible to keep their garages and driveways clean and free of oil stains. Vehicles shall not be parked on the streets or alleys if and when required by Site Authority, not more frequently than weekly, for a reasonable period to allow for street sweeping.
  4. Do not hang clothes, brooms, mops, rugs, etc. on the balcony/patio. Patios/backyards are to be kept neat and orderly at all times; barbecues, plants and patio furniture are acceptable items. There shall be no tin foil, sheets, blankets, or any type of coverings over the windows to darken rooms.
  5. Please be considerate of neighbors. Homeowners are requested to control the volume of car stereos, stereos, TV’s and musical devices outside and inside their Structures so they do not disturb other Homeowners. Noisy or disorderly conduct annoying or disturbing other Homeowners will NOT be permitted.
  6. Trash containers are located at various places throughout the Project. These containers are provided for convenience. Do not place trash on the ground if these are full. Simply proceed to the next closest container to dispose of trash. Do not use park trash containers for household trash. For household trash, containers are picked up at the curb each trash collection day. Please remember to bring in trash containers the same day. Trash containers should be marked with your address to minimize the possibility of loss. Littering (trash, paper, cigarette butts, cans, etc.) in or around the Project is not permitted.
  1. Barbecue grills will be permitted in backyards or on patios/decks. Homeowners must use proper safety procedures while operating and storing their grills.
  2. No unnecessary loitering in the amenity areas, parking lots, parks or around the Project is allowed. Driveways, sidewalks, stairwells, etc. must be accessible at all times.
  3. Skateboards, motorcycles, bicycles and similar vehicles may not be stored in entryways or under stairs. Motor vehicles must be parked on the street, in a driveway, in a parking stall, or in a garage. No vehicle shall be parked on any sidewalk, pathway, or walkway designed for pedestrian use; or any unpaved area including lawns, landscaped areas, and trails unless prior authorization is received from Site Authority. Bicycles also cannot be parked in such a way as to be a hazard to vehicles or pedestrians.
  4. Firearms: Except as otherwise permitted under state law, firearms, and explosives or explosive devises are not permitted anywhere within the Project (except by campus police). The term “firearms” includes “B-B” guns, pellet guns, and other firearms of all types, regardless of size.
  5. This is a residential community and should be used for residential purposes only. Violations of any of these rules and regulations by a Homeowner or its guests or any other occupants of the Project shall require that the Homeowner pay an assessment, in the form of additional rent to Site Authority, up to One Hundred Dollars ($100) per violation within thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice of the violation and the amount due.

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For Parking Permits in University Glen: For any and all questions regarding parking permits (University Glen resident or visitor) please contact Jake Friesen at (805) 702-4038 or at

If you need a replacement parking permit because your permit has been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond use, please complete the Parking Registration Application and e-mail the completed form to A $25.00 replacement fee is associated with all replacement permits, all homeowner replacement fees can be dropped off with the CAM Manager, Jake Friesen at UGCAM Office in the Town Center. Once the application has been processed and the replacement fee has been received a new parking permit may be issued to the homeowner.

The CSUCI Site Authority has adopted the California State University Channel Islands Transportation and Parking’s Rules & Regulations pursuant sections 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code, Sections 42200 and 42201 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Sections 67311.5, 89030, 89031, 89701, and 90012 of the Education Code to apply to the University Glen Community

Within the Traffic and Parking Rules & Regulations, Article V, Section 21 clearly states:

  • SECTION 21 – TRAILERS, RVS, AND OVERSIZED VEHICLES Parking permits are made available to residents for vehicles utilized for personal transportation to and from the University. It is not intended that such permits be provided for the day-to-day parking of work or camping trailers, nor is it intended that such permits be provided for campers, motor homes, boats, recreational or work vehicles that are of a size larger than standard automobiles or pickup trucks. A temporary parking permit must be obtained from the University Glen office for any trailer, RV, or oversized vehicle that will be parked on University streets.
  • All of the roadways of the University Glen Community are considered University Streets for the purposes of this section. While the Rules & Regulations do also reference “University Glen surface streets” in Section 7 and Section 8, this is intended to clarify for University Glen residents that their permits are not valid on the main “campus.” The term “University Streets” as used in Section 21 refers to all University Glen and Campus roadways where street parking is authorized as all of the roadways in University Glen are State Highways.
  • The Traffic & Parking Regulations refer to “campus” when differentiating the main campus and University Glen. Moreover, when issuing a temporary permit University Glen retains the right to place further restriction on the temporary permit such as the requirement for oversized vehicles to only park on Channel Islands Drive due to the roadway width on interior roadways and limiting the number of days the permit is valid etc.

All lost, stolen, or permits no longer in use are immediately reported to Transportation and Parking Services on Campus.

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Proper Display of University Glen Permits:

  • Resident permits should be displayed on the inside, lower left side of the windshield (driver side), so that the permit faces out.
  • Visitor permits should be hung from the rearview mirror so that the numbers face out. Visitor permits are not valid in the parking lots; only on the street.
  • University Glen permits are NOT valid on the CSUCI Campus.
  • There is a $25.00 replacement fee for each permit.

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Community Center Conference Rooms:

  • Hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm daily, excluding holidays.
  • Usage: Limit two times per week. Cannot be reserved consecutively, reoccurring or more than 4 times in month per unit. Can only be scheduled 30 days in advance and reservation is based on availability.
  • Occupancy: 8 or less.
  • Reservation must be made by resident/homeowner who must be in attendance the entire time.
  • If Media is needed, remote will be checked out to resident/homeowner. Remote is required to be checked back in Resident Services Office at the end of reservation time. If remote is not returned at the end of your reservation time there will be $100.00 charge, invoiced and billed to the resident/homeowners ledger.
  • Conference Room is intended for personal interests only (use for organizations, political purposes, fundraising or business income generating purposes are not permitted).
  • Resident/homeowner agrees that the room was delivered fully cleaned and will be returned in the same condition. If not, cleaning charges as well as damages, if any, will be invoiced and billed to the resident/homeowners ledger. No smoking, use of candles, incense or fire of any kind.
  • No Pets allowed.
  • Resident/homeowner must accompany all guest(s) at all times. Although residents/homeowners have access to the area at NO TIME during the reservation period can a guest use any facilities without resident/homeowner present.
  • If serving food and beverages, please use disposable dishware, and make sure the area is clean and trash is removed. If clean-up is needed including trash removal a cleaning fee of $150.00 will be assessed to resident/homeowners ledger.
  • Resident/homeowner must check-in at the Resident Services Office a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their reservation start time. We ask that you make sure you are prepared to exit at the specified time of use. Check out should be no later than 30 minutes after your reservation end time or there will be a late checkout fee invoiced and assessed to resident’s ledger of $75.00.

Conference Room Guidelines

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