The University Glen Corporation (UGC) once provided services to the Site Authority. A Board of Directors served as the governing group of UGC on behalf of the Site Authority for day-to-day operations. As the campus has grown and the CI 2025 program has moved forward, UGC has been dissolved and thus no longer provides services to the Site Authority. The Site Authority Board is responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day operations in University Glen. A professional property management company has been retained to manage the common areas. In order to ensure the flow of information at all levels within the University Glen Community, the University Glen Community Advisory Group was formed and first met in October of 2016.

Committee Function

The committee serves as the primary Site Authority interface to the University Glen community to ensure open channels of communication on matters of interest to the residential community. The committee is not a decision-making body, but shall make recommendations to the Site Authority. Issues of concern to the community are discussed and recommendations to resolve problems are developed. The chairman of the group is responsible for minutes (posted below) and for providing reports and recommendations to the Site Authority for consideration. Examples of items that have been brought before the Community Advisory Group include:

  • Issues related to the common area, including landscaping, improvements and repairs
  • Issues related to violations of the Ground Sublease and community rules and regulations
  • Programs to be offered to the residents of University Glen, e.g., Safety Day, Safe Halloween, picnics, concerts in the park, music in the Town Center, etc.
  • Issues related to community safety
  • How campus policy effects University Glen as demonstrated by action taken in response to Memorandum on EO 1108 Policy of Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment. On November 3, 2017, the University Glen Community Advisory Group issued a memorandum to the Site Authority Board on Executive Order 1108, relating to a smoke and tobacco free campus at CSUCI. Read the full memorandum here (PDF, 420KB).

The committee members, who will serve a two-year term, will elect a chair from its membership. Responsibilities of the chair include developing an agenda for the meeting, conducting the meeting, ensuring the minutes of the meeting are made available to the Site Authority, and attending Site Authority meetings.


Membership of the committee will be appointed by the University President as part of the established process for appointing committee members. Membership is expected to include:

  • Current members of the UGC Board of Directors who wish to transition to the committee
  • A member from the Homeowners Advisory Council
  • A representative from the owner / developer of the apartments and Town Center
  • A representative from the owner / developer of the Phase 2A/B site (if the owner / developer is the same as the apartments and Town Center, then one representative will be considered)
  • A representative from the property management firm of Kennedy-Wilson Properties, Ltd.
  • A member from the broader Ventura County community
  • Faculty representation living in University Glen (2)
  • Non-CI related representatives living in University Glen (3)

Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Year Meeting Date Minutes
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May 26, 2022 Minutes
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2021 July 29, 2021 Minutes
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March 25, 2021 Minutes
February 25, 2021 Minutes
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For access to minutes from prior years, visit the Community Advisory Group Meeting Minutes Archives.