The University Glen community was originally envisioned and developed to provide affordable housing options to incoming CSU Channel Islands faculty and staff.  The goal remains the same today, and is in part realized through the Faculty Staff 100 Program. Under this program, CSUCI has reserved 100 apartment units, which can be rented to eligible staff and faculty at a discounted rate, in the Mission Hills Apartment Homes complex in University Glen.


CSU Channel Islands full time faculty, professional staff, and auxiliary employees eligible for employment benefits may rent under the CSUCI Faculty Staff 100 Program. Full time status is equal to 1.0 FTE or 40 hours per week.

Program Benefits

  • Rental rates are set at a minimum of 5% below market rate
  • No credit check required upon application
  • No application fee

How to Apply

Upon application with Mission Hills Apartments, and again at lease renewal, you must complete and submit an Employment Verification Form to either CSUCI Human Resources or University Auxiliary Services (as appropriate) for verification of eligibility. HR or UAS will then forward the form to the Mission Hills Apartment Homes management team. Participation in the program will depend on the availability of units under the program. CSUCI Faculty and Staff units are leased to eligible faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis.

Available Faculty Staff UnitsEmployment Verification Form (PDF, 133KB)


Have more questions about the Faculty Staff 100 Program? Check out the FAQ page.